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 I remember the first time i met you it was at summit lane park with all your friends there, and we all hung out and talked, and began meeting everyone there after school, and seeing you and your friends in the halls of division avenue. ill never forget all the nights we all hung out walking around ltown. Even though we lost touch after i graduated high school i still saw you here and there. i miss you and think about you all the time, you didnt deserve this, and i will cherrish all the great memories we shared. RIP Jason <33 you will be forever missed..
Tracy Borst
I remember being a freshman in high school and jay and mike feldman use to joke around with me and made me feel like a part of the group. it sounds so miniscule--but i wont ever forget the way he made me feel <3
Emily Grant
Economics with Quinan is unforgettable... We all became so close in that class. We never got to visit Quinan's house :(  I'll never forget you laughing when I wrote down Quinan's phone number quickly when he recited it. I then threatened that I would hand it out to all of you guys. There are so many memories from kindergarten, middle school & high school. Spirit night was so much fun. I am so fortunate to have know such a sweet, smart and funny person. I know you're in a better place now, still laughing and watching over us. I always thought it was so cool that your sister and my mom worked together. I remember telling you all the time in school. I loved all your random goodnight ims and I'll never forget having a conversation with you online about college and future plans. I remember leaving you myspace msgs all the time senior year and getting upset that you didn't write me back enough. Jay, I wish I stayed in touch better but I am so lucky to have known you. Your friends cared about you so much, and will continue to do so. I remember meeting up with Mike at applebees sophmore year of college and he shared stories with me about you! You have positively impacted everyone's lives. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers. I'll never forget you... This still doesn't even feel real.  Rest in Peace
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Deanna Sichel

senior year economics with coach Q, and the eco challenge at ncc had soooo many memories. we had so much fun and its heartbreaking that we cant joke around about going to visit quinan with jason anymore. i remember the day he hacked into the school computers and got myspace to work through all the firewalls, everyone praised him as a god haha

he always lit up any room he was in and i'll never forget his smile

thanks for being my sisters best friend jay, look after her for me <3


levittown may have lost a legend, but heaven gained an angel .. rip jason <333

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