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Carol Feldman

Jay, we were so lucky to have known you since Kindergarten.  We have so many happy memories of you since you were little.  All the fun times we spent together with our families, restaurants, PA, vacations over the years will never be forgotten.  Now all that, your dreams and more have been  taken away so suddenly because of this drunk driver that shouldn't have been on the road.  We will do everything we can to put him where he belongs.  He has destroyed many lives.  We will pray for you and your family and for Mike, Eric, and Garrett too as they were with you on this devastating night and have to live with losing a best friend for the rest of their lives.  We will always remember you.  You will never be forgotten.  Miss you...RIP Jay.


marissa gasparri
i remember in 7th grade me and jason would sit at our lunch table and just tell jokes .. would make fun of eachother every 5 minutes then be like so wat are you doin later, lets chill!..he always put a smile on everyones face, such a good kid! its such a shame, i wish we kept in touch over the years he was such an awesome person and will be missed dearly <3 RIP.
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